Monday, September 6, 2010

5 Months

Scarlett! Where is the time going? You are already 5 months old. You are so FUN, SWEET, CONTENT and a million other wonderful things!

Here is some info about you right now:
- We think you weigh close to 20 lbs
- You are getting really good at sitting up on your own
- We are waiting for you to roll from your back to your tummy any day now...
- You love for people to talk to you! You eat up any conversation.
- You are on a really good schedule right now. Thank you!
- You get SO excited when I come in to get you out of your crib after nap time... it is seriously one of my favorite times of the day!
- You love to be outside. You are very observant and enjoy looking up at the trees and hearing all the noises going on around you.
- You love to look at your hands. I catch you gazing at them all the time.... you move them around, open and close them and seem to just be fascinated that they are yours!
- You love to take your paci out of your mouth yourself, but have not quite figured out how to get it back in.
- Your Daddy and I are CRAZY about you! We get in bed every night and talk about you (that is after we have taken a little peek at you while you are fast asleep)
- You are a treasure to us and so many others that love you. Happy 5th month sweet girl!

You love to play "ride a little horsey, mousey, elephant, ect" You just laugh and laugh!

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