Sunday, September 5, 2010

Labor Day Weekend -- Kentucky Lake

We had SO much fun just relaxing at KY Lake this weekend. Scarlett took her first boat ride, we went to an Arts & Crafts Fair, went on walks, ate good food, etc. It was SUCH a treat to all be together. We stayed at the Kentucky Dam Village State Park. Kentucky seriously has some nice State Parks.... we would highly recommend this one. I mean, it is a little rustic, but that is what makes it fun!

The moment we were waiting for.... the party arrived! -- Chaz

Oh Daddy, hahah! Yes, that is a funny, red-neck man standing beside a tree flossing his teeth. HA!

Driving Miss Daisy!

Getting ready to go... with this many it seems like we are always waiting on someone.

Yes, this is Mitch showing our darling little angel, CRICKETS! ahaha! Yuck.
She actually loved looking at them.

We totally looked like the red-neck yacht club, but who cares we were lovin' it!

Oh Chaz, you are making the ladies sweat. ha!

Sweet Nonni!

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