Sunday, September 12, 2010

Working Saturday ... Lazy Sunday

I hope you have had a nice weekend! The CATS won yesterday and the weather has been such a nice change (I actually like thunder storms).
We worked hard yesterday. It is kind of ridiculous because every weekend we end up creating this long to-do list and working our Saturdays away. So, Mitch and I decided no more of that! We are going to TRY to use the weekends to relax, not to play catch-up.
Scarlett is taking a little snooze and Mitch had to go to the lab for a while so I am just browsing the blogs I love to read and trying not to find some project around the house (they are NEVER ENDING, can I get an amen?).
Scarlett wore a darling thing to church this morning that I just had to show y'all... it is a smocked Little Bo Peep outfit (consignment sale super find!):

She has gotten SO good at sitting up on her own....

So focused....

And the paparazzi are here again!

No hands!

Now, if only we could master rolling from back to tummy... I always laugh and say don't get stuck like a turtle Scarlett.

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