Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I have been meaning to do a little more in depth update recently, but it keeps getting pushed to the back burner..... So, here it goes:

-Those of you who know about (and have been praying for, thank you!) our sweet neighbor Ms. Jacqueline... She is getting very close to going home to be with Jesus. I went and saw her yesterday. It was heart breaking. (Well, just the trip to the nursing home is quite difficult). She could not open her eyes and just responded very briefly when I was speaking to her. She said she is ready to go though. The Hospice social worker said she thinks she has about a week. I pray it is even shorter for Ms. Jacqueline's sake. She is such a saint. She was still very polite in responding to the nurses while I was there and I told her the Lord is so pleased by her attitude through all of her sickness. I just sat there and talked to her as if she was listening, which I hope she was. It has been such a privilege to get to know her and I look forward to seeing her (with her new body!) in heaven one day.

- Mitch is working hard and seeing lots of patients. He did his oral surgery rotation last week and pulled lots of teeth. He is so much stronger than I am and continues to persevere. You are the best, babe! Although, I am staring at a HUGE pile of Mitch's laundry right now, AH! WHY?!

- Scarlett is cracking us up all the time. Her little personality is so expressive. She is SO ready to start solids, in my opinion. She has always been a big baby and a very motivated eater (which I am thankful for) but I think she is just not as satisfied with milk anymore. She watches us very closely when we are eating. I am SO thankful we have made it (almost) 6 months breastfeeding. We have had a few tough days but ultimately it has been a great experience. Hopefully we can keep going.

- I went and saw my OB (Dr. O'nan, love her!) yesterday because I had been having some pain above my c-section incision. Thankfully, she put me at ease. But, it was so fun and surreal to go back to the office where I spent so much time in anticipation of Scarlett's arrival. I LOVED seeing my favorite nurse, Brooke! We got to catch up which was so nice. Brooke, if you are reading... you are awesome! Thanks for always encouraging me.

- We have recently gotten some new neighbors and needless to say we are not huge fans. Loud music at all hours of the day and night does not make for a good welcome. I am really trying to look on the sunny-side when it comes to them... but there does not seem to be one. ah!

- Scarlett is going to be an owl for halloween... Well, Mitch always says, "We celebrate Harvest, not halloween." Too funny. I totally agree. So, I saw this owl costume from Pottery Barn Kids that is darling... but too expensive. So, my mom is making Scarlett's costume. She always made ours when we were little... she is amazing. We went and got the fabric yesterday and I think it is going to turn out SO cute and for less than half the price. Can't wait!

- Okay, I cannot end this post without showing y'all what I am looking at right now:

This girl... I am in LOVE!!!

- Okay, better run because little missy just filled her drawers, but I just wanted to say thank you for reading. It is so fun to share our life with y'all. Thanks for your sweet comments on my last post, I love that we can be miles and miles and miles away but still know what is going on with each other!


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