Sunday, January 23, 2011

The duckies flew south for the day...

KT and I flew south yesterday to visit our dear friend Beth. It was a long day, but was SO worth it. We had a ball. Beth and her husband have 2 little cuties at their house right now so it was so fun to love on them and especially to see Beth in action as a mommy of an almost 3 year old and newborn! WOW!

How sweet is this? Scarlett loved having someone to play with!

Here is KT holding sweet little Isaiah.... He was so tiny and darling! When I was holding him I kept thinking to myself, "I cannot believe Scarlett was ever this small..." But then again, she was his size (or bigger) when she was born. ha!

Elyjah loved being right by Scarlett while she was eating. He was cracking me up. Everything I would give her he would want a little bit of (except for baby food!). If I was giving her a spoon full of baby-food he would say, "I used to eat that when I was a baby." He is SO cute and SO smart.

We had such a wonderful visit. If only we lived right next door to each other. We do like to "fantasize" about that. I am so thankful for these precious, lifetime friends. Thank you Lord for allowing our paths to cross!!! I love you girls!!! xoxoxo.

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