Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Meeting a Georgia Peach

This has been a long time coming, but we finally got to meet one of our favorite Georgia Peaches... Caroline!!! Scarlett and I got to visit with Caroline, see her dorm room and even got a personal tour of Asbury's new Communication Arts Building. Caroline is the little sister of my friend Laurelee and she was just as darling as I had imagined! It was so fun to see how much alike and different they are. There truly is nothing like a sister! Being on campus made me miss my college days. I even ran into a college friend and blog reader, Abby, while on campus. If you are reading, it was good to see you Abby!!

Carline and I figured out how to set the self-timer on my camera and took this picture. I could not have done it without her because I am losing my mind. I even left Scarlett's favorite sippy cup in Caroline's room. Oh my.

So, something that I love and have shared about on here before is consignment sales. Well, it is consignment sale season and my mom and I are revving up for finding some deals. I can already see it... my market tote filled with smocked dresses and spring colors ;) ha! I am actually going to be selling at my favorite sale which is exciting because I need to put some money in the bank in order to find some deals. Any mamas in my area looking for some good sales? Here are some of my favorite:

Happy Shopping!!!

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  1. SO sweet. Thanks Erin. It was great to see you as well.