Thursday, November 17, 2011

baking and addiction

I have gotten used to using my phone camera to snap quick shots, but I miss the quality of "big" camera. These pictures of my little baker are a little fuzzy, but oh well. Scarlett and I made chocolate chip cookies while we waited for Daddy to get home tonight. He volunteered at the Dental Mission downtown so he did not get home until late. Scarlett poured in all of the ingredients herself....
And taste-tested it. I know cookie dough is bad, she just had a little.
Don't you love the little pony tail Scarlett is sporting today?

And she decided it tasted really good :)
Her Aunts KT and Beth would be so proud because they are cookie dough fanatics!!!

Speaking of KT and Beth, they are responsible for my newest addiction... PINTEREST!!! It is SO fun. I am trying to figure out how to embed a link on here so you can follow me if you want... I will keep trying!

Wishing you a warm, cozy night where ever you may be. It is quite chilly here on the Owen Range.

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  1. As I read, I was thinking about how proud I was of her because she was eating cookie dough - and proud of you for letting her eat it! I'm on pinterest right now! Love you!