Sunday, November 20, 2011

weekend recap

We had a busy and fun filled weekend here on the range. I just have lots of pictures to post of my SJ. I know it may seem ridiculous to post so many, but she has adoring grandparents who do love to see what is going on in her world. In particular, there is a certain Peepaw who travels far, far away from home a lot and needs to see his girl :)

Well, we are gearing up for The Most WONDERFUL Time of the Year around here...
Scarlett and I made Christmas ornaments that we will give to our family members. This is a little tradition that we started last year with "paint your own pottery" ornaments. So, in keeping with our tradition this year I took the suggestion of my darling sister-in-law and went to Hobby Lobby. Two trips later and actually a lot less moolah, we were ready to roll (thanks Sarah!). We got our "crafting" on and right now the only word that comes to mind to describe our masterpieces is GLITTER. It is ALL over my house. Or so it seems. Guess who was in charge of the glitter "dusting"... yep, the little red-head.
This picture so appropriately depicts our ornament making roles. I applied the glue and Scarlett could not wait to let the glitter fly! Ha!, that smirk.
You may notice her little hand is blurred in this picture. That is because it was moving almost at the speed of light. Hints the glitter covering my dining room.
But this face makes it all worth it! This is the "ooooohhhhhhh, wow" face.

Scarlett has started a new, nightly ritual. After her bath (and if we can wrangle her fast enough to get at least her diaper on), she crawls to the top of our bed (bulldozing pillows all the way), pulls back the covers and hops in. It is really sweet. Mitch was just saying tonight how he thinks children should think their momma and daddy's bed is cozy (no, we do not believe in co-sleeping... just sweet cuddles before bedtime). I could not resist, so I got the camera...
You may notice where SJ knocked her little noggin (her right) on Friday morning when Daddy was getting out the door. She bruises easily and it already looks 100x better!

For whatever reason our SJ took a very short nap on Saturday and was therefore out-of-sorts for the rest of the day. One of her favorite things to do is to "color" in my planner with a pencil. This only happens in moments of dyer need, such as when your nap was too short and you may cause our house to self-explode (I am totally exaggerating!!). So I tore out a page and she blissfully colored away for about 5 minutes.

And finally, our tree is up and this year we have a very busy toddler who loves to "rearrange" the ornaments for us almost hourly. Sigh. One day we will miss this so we just let her go to town!!! Who knows, maybe this is an artistic outlet she needs :)
I just love those chubby legs!!!!

Along with working the nursery this morning at church, raking what seemed to be 10 tons of leaves during Scarlett's nap, enjoying a visit from my sweet friend Mallory (who is hauling a bunch of stuff for us to Missouri for Christmas all because she read on here that I was going to have to ship it... she is so thoughtful!!!) and hosting a mini b-day party for Uncle Chaz today, I think that pretty much sums up our weekend!
I hope you and yours had a fabulous one too. Thanks for reading!!!

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