Monday, November 7, 2011

weekend of celebrating

We had a great weekend of (early) celebrating. Mitch's birthday is tomorrow. I will save all of my sappiness for tomorrow's post :) So anyone who is anti-sentiment, you are forewarned!!

Friday night we got to go on a hot date... and by hot I mean 1) because of the guy I went with and 2) because of the Thai food we consumed. It nearly burned all of our taste-buds off! And we both ordered a zero on the 0-5 spicy scale. But it was so delicious we could not put our forks down! Here is a little pre-date photo in the car. It seems like just yesterday we were dating :)

We enjoyed all kinds of food and fellowship, but one of my favorites was this delicious HOMEMADE carmel popcorn my mom made before we watched Captain America together. It was seriously addictive! And the movie was really good too.

These two live it up together on the weekends... here they are posing during one of their MANY Gator rides. So sweet!

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