Thursday, July 5, 2012

Booms on the beach.

I hope you had a fabulous Independence Day! We enjoyed the "booms" on the beach last night with family. I am trying hard to not think about the fact that Mitch will be far, far away from SJ and I by this time next week. Oh, my heart. We are trying to soak up our last couple days before Daddy leaves. 

This picture of Scarlett cracks me up. I really think she was looking at someone who thought the fireworks were too loud and said, "Well, bless your heart." 

Here we were waiting for Mitch to punch in the code to the beach access so we could enter the virtual warzone. It was NUTS! People were setting off fireworks everywhere! 

Here is the precious couple we love so much... Chaz and Karinne (aka Rinnie) 

"The boys" -- as Scarlett calls them. 
 Mitch, Chaz and my Dad

SJ hates the sand. It is a total drag. So, we set her up on this big wooden storage box where they keep beach umbrellas and she was perfectly happy. It was her own little stage ;) 

 Fireworks over the water....

Mitch's Aunt LouAnn and her family joined us for our 4th festivities because they just live over in Mobile, AL. This picture is for one of my faithful readers, Mitch's Gran! Here are 3 of her grandchildren and 1 of her "greats" all sending love to Tulsa, OK!!

Mitch is super patriotic, so I have become more appreciative of our country through his love for the USA. Thankful for this country and mostly for the blessing that God has allowed us to receive as a nation. I pray that our leaders would recognize more and more that this truly is one nation UNDER GOD. God bless the USA!!! 

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  1. I love your patriotic outfits for the 4th. You are such a cute family! I will need a copy of the "Bless Your Heart" picture. I love it.