Friday, July 20, 2012

mini vanna white

First of all, I want to give a BIG shout out to two of my precious friends who share the same birthday today... LORI B. and KRISTIN F. --- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I love you each dearly!!! (by the way, they don't even know each other... ha!)

Lori, Scarlett and I at a
shower back in August of 2010.

 Kristin and I celebrating our
"survival of the 1st year
as mommies" lunch in May 2011. 

You guessed right, both of my darling friends are turning just 25 this year!! Wooooh!!!! 


Scarlett is keeping me both in stitches and in prayer lately. I definitely think that with more understanding of the world around you comes more verbal development which means there is more room for a strong will to burst out at any given time. I had to ask the Lord for patience several times yesterday. Don't get me wrong, she is extremely sweet and most of the time is very compliant, but she sure likes to express her opinion about how things are panning out in her world. Our biggest battle these days -- clothes. I cannot even believe it. I thought this was going to be an issue in, oh I'd say, about 12 years. Just in the last week, we kind of "battle" in the morning with getting her dressed. She wants to wear either "white" or her "Cinderella dress" (which is an old Good Ship LolliPop dance recital costume my mom and I got at a consignment sale last year that we thought she might never even be interested in. Ha!). I try to hide "Cinderella dress" because we went out way too much in public in it last week. But, I will choose my battles. Honestly, I have to keep from laughing most mornings because she presents outfits to me with such enthusiasm. She will look at me and exclaim, "Mommy, match!!" because she has put an outfit "together." Oh, that girl. 

Anyhow, this afternoon after lunch my mom asked Scarlett who she wanted to put her in her bed for nap time. She gave her the option of Mommy or Nonni. Right away she answered, "Mitch." She loves to call her Daddy, Mitch. Or sometimes she will say "Daddy Mitch."Something I never thought our child would do but, it is so cute. I decided to take her up to her bed and we talked for a while about where Daddy is (we always say "camp" I am sure Mitch feels like he is just at summer camp for several weeks.... not) and she say she missed Daddy so much. There is just a really vulnerable little window of time right before nap and bedtime each day. I try to take advantage of it as a nice time to talk about things. Anyhow, SJ went to sleep and slept really well. Right before she woke up my Dad/Boo had the sweet idea of having a wrapped present from Daddy waiting for her when she woke up. So, I wrapped up a Disney Cinderella Princess doll and when I went to get her out of her bed I told her that Daddy had something special for her, a present. Her little face lit up! She opened it very carefully and loved it.  She kept saying, "Thank you, welcome, Daddy." Right now "thank you" and "you're welcome" go together in her mind... 
For Mitch, here she is opening her gift from Daddy. 

And here she is with Cinderella....
You are very loved by your little girl, Mitch!!! 

Yesterday was my parents' 32nd wedding anniversary.... happy anniversary to my wonderful, faithful, encouraging and precious parents!!! They went out to dinner and a movie, so Scarlett and I lived it up at the Chick-fil-A (somehow we always end up there on family night when it is utter pandemonium!) and then a new Homegoods store here in town. 

Scarlett was my little Vanna White as I took a few pictures of things I might want to remember for our new place in SC....

I just think this mirror is darling, but that little face next to it takes the cake!! 

She wanted to climb in almost every chair for mommy to take a picture. I was not interested in this particular chair, but she felt it was the perfect place for her to pose. While shopping alone is 1,000,000 times easier, I really enjoyed my little shopping helper tonight :) 

And now, on a more random note... what I am holding in my hand here is absolutely delicious. It is a Jamaican Spice Bun straight from the gas station in Montego Bay, Jamaica! Thank you Dad!!! I think I have mentioned on here before that my Dad travels a lot for his job (Director of International Missions). He was in Jamaica earlier this week and he knows I think their spice buns are yummo! I pretty much lived off of these when we would travel there as a family on missions trips in the summer. If you ever get the chance, be sure an try one! 

Hoping you have a good weekend that is full of sweet fellowship with those you love... cherish the ones you love! I am hoping to get some more things checked off of my moving (again!) to-do list this weekend ;)  As always, thanks for reading! 

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