Friday, August 6, 2010

4 Months

Scarlett Jean-

You are 4 months old today and are the JOY of your Daddy and I's life! We cannot believe you have already been in our lives for 4 months. Here are some things that are going on with you right now:

- You LOVE to talk. You are pretty much Little Miss. Jabber-jaws unless you are eating or sleeping.
- You LOVE to sit up. You cannot do it on your own yet, but we suspect you will be pretty soon.
- You can roll from your tummy to your back all by yourself.
- You have gotten really good at nursing. It only takes about 20 minutes and your belly is full (which is such a nice change from 60 minutes that it was taking us just a month ago!). I think we can attribute this to why you gained close to 2 pounds (I think) while Daddy was in Uganda for 11 days.
- You LOVE it when your Daddy "scares" you. You just giggle and giggle with delight.
- You have been getting on a really good schedule. You eat, play and then take a nap... over and over. It makes for a very nice day for you and Momma.
- You are reaching for toys on your play mat and can hold onto them really well. We know the minute you get ahold of anything it is going straight to your mouth. Ha!
- You still LOVE bath-time. You kick and kick until your heart is content.
- You met your Uncle Matt and Aunt Sarah last weekend and loved it! We are just sure you and Emma (who is expected to arrive in December) will be wonderful playmates.
- You are now wearing size 3 diapers. Crazy! We jumped straight from a 1-2 to 3's because those little diapers just could not take what you were giving them.
- We think you weigh 16 pounds and are 25.5 inches long. But, we will confirm those statistics next week when you go for your 4 months shots/check-up.
- You have not been sleeping as well through the night as you had been... but that's okay because I know it may just be a phase and you are only a baby once!
- You are just as sweet as you can be. Today, you and I went to a great consignment sale here in town... you were an angel during the whole thing. Even when a little girl ran up and grabbed your belly (which scared Momma to death mind you!). It was hilarious because the little girl (who was probably 4) looked up at me and said, "Your baby has orange hair." Ha! I said, "Yes, she does... you are very good at telling your colors!"
- Daddy and I love to tip-toe (well, I tip-toe... at least) into your room just before we go to bed at night to look at you. You are as peaceful as a summer breeze as you sleep away in your crib.
- We cannot wait to see how you will continue to change, but it is bitter-sweet because you will always be our baby-girl.

Here are some pictures of you on August 6, 2010....

You have got ahold of the elephant here and he is going straight for your mouth!

You like to sit-up to much that I went ahead and put your high-chair together last night. You just sit and talk away. I think you are mid-sentence in this shot.

Here we are after bath-time today. I want to be sure there are pictures of you and I together which is sometimes tricky because Momma is usually behind the camera.

Here you are just before nap-time today. I think you are waving to everybody!

It's true... the camera loves you!

And here is our "loot" from the sale today. It was a great sale (Lil' Lambs Closet at Centenary UMC) They had all kinds of name brands like: Hanna Anderson, Zutano, Ralph Lauren... I counted 15 outfits that we got! 4 of which are smocked (my FAVORITE!). And the prices were amazing!

Now, I know I have not updated for a while.... so, please look for the following "back"-posts coming soon:

- Mitch goes to AFRICA!
- Uncle Chaz make is to the ATLANTIC!


- When we got home from OBX in mid-July we had about 3 days to get Mitch ready for Uganda. I stayed with my mom and enjoyed a wonderful visit from KT and Bethel (Duckies) the first weekend Mitch was gone which was a MUCH needed pick-me-up. It was hard to let Mitch go, but it is all about Jesus, not me! The time went by fast and absence only makes the heart grow fonder.
- Mitch PASSED his 2nd year boards!! YAHOOO!!!! Way to go babe!
- Mitch started back to school this week. He hit the ground running, that is for sure.
- Ms. Jacqueline (our next-door neighbor who I have posted about before) is not doing well. She has fallen down several times (one time I found her and she had been there for almost 4 hours... it breaks my heart). She is in the hospital right now, but I hope she can come home soon because I have trouble going to see her in the hospital because I cannot take Scarlett. Please pray that the Lord will take her home... that is what she asks for me to pray.
- I am so excited because tomorrow my mother-in-law's very sweet friends Terry Graham and Teresa Doyle are having a little "shower" for Scarlett. It is a tea-party/library theme... I hope to get some pictures to post.
- I said I would mention when my darling sister (Ryan) is set-up as an Esthetician somewhere.... well she is. I had a facial while Mitch was gone and it was INCREDIBLE. Seriously, Ryan is GOOD. Go to to find out more. They are having a 'Back to School' special right now which is great.

Okay, I know I have got more to say, but this post is getting out of control! So, until next time (which I promise will not be forever again)... love to each of you!

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  1. Don't you just love all the comments you get about your baby having red hair?! We get comments all the time! :) Scarlett is such a doll!

    Rachel Rainer