Saturday, August 7, 2010

Brunch with Scarlett

What a wonderful morning we had. Some of my mother-in-law's darling friends hosted a brunch to celebrate Scarlett. It was full of wonderful food, rich fellowship and lots of neat gifts for Scarlett. Each person also said a prayer of blessing for our little girl. It was very touching. There are lots of pictures to share, so I will make my words short. But, every little detail was perfect and it is a day I will remember forever and a day that I cannot wait to tell Scarlett about when she is older. Oh, and Scarlett was a little angel... she is a party girl! I am so thankful for the generosity (both in wisdom and in monetary) of the lovely ladies that came to celebrate with us. And here are tons of pictures of our time together...

The wonderful hostesses.
(from left to right: Theresa Doyle, my mother-in-law Lisa Owen, me & Scarlett,
Terry Graham and Linda McEvoy)

Enough said!

Lisa, me and Scarlett hammin' it up with her tea-party hat on. ha!

Aunt Isabella with Scarlett and I.

Some of the Owen girls (we are missing Ashton and Sarah and soon little Emma).

Scarlett was chatting it up here with Mrs. Henderson.

Oh how we love Aunt Ryan.

Mrs. Doyle and Mrs. Logsdon meeting Scarlett.

Christy who graduated with Mitch and I played beautiful background music on the piano. It was such a treat to get to see her!

Just wanted to show ya'll the beautiful decorations. These are some very talented hostesses!

The lovely ladies we were privileged to spend the morning with.


Such nice gifts... the theme was items for Scarlett's library and tea-party accessories!

Here is the sweet girl just taking it all in. (that quilt she is laying on is my baby quilt that my mom made for me... it is so sentimental and i love to see Scarlett laying on it)

Eating her dress! oh my!

Scarlett got so many fun things.

LOVE this lady... Lori Bordas, my dear friend and co-worker. xoxo

Sweet, sweet Linda McEvoy. Loved seeing her. (hope you found the blog okay Mrs. McEvoy!)

Thank you again ladies for a fun, fun time!

p.s. my sweet Mama (aka. Nonni) had to slip out early to be at a family funeral, so we missed having her in the pictures, but she was there in spirit!

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