Monday, August 2, 2010

Mitch goes to.... Uganda, AFRICA

Pictures say a thousand words, so I will let mine be few.

The team. (left to right: Mitch, Dr. Jeff Montgomery, Linda Webster, Dr. Leigh Moore, Dr. Charlie Vittitow - aka. Daddy, and Robin Reader)

Their flight from Detroit to Amsterdam was held up due to mechanical issues, so they missed their connection to Entebbe and had to stay a day in Amsterdam. They were able to tour the city and really enjoyed it....

Who do we need to talk to about implementing this in the good ole' USA?

They toured the canals/waterways which Mitch said was really neat.

They were also able to visit the Anne Frank House while in Amsterdam which Mitch said was very fascinating.

TIA (this is Africa)

Teaching their students to set-up their dental chairs.

I believe this is an oral hygiene presentation.

Who doesn't love stickers on their forehead??? Adorable.

This is one of their students, Godfrey... working hard.

Student dentists putting their skills to use.

Local anesthetic is a must.

Mitch said the trip was awesome and that the gospel was shared on many levels. What is so great is that even though the US team is back home now, the 6 lay dentists they trained are able to see patients. People's tooth pains are being taken care of, but even more so their heart pains are being relieved with the message of Jesus. Thank you to those of you, family & friends, who supported Mitch both financially and through prayer to make this trip possible. He is forever grateful. The opportunity was truly once in a lifetime.

A very special thanks to Leigh Moore for these GREAT pictures... because we know that is not Mitch's expertise!

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  1. I love the pics, Erin!! The children are precious and Mitch looks like a total natural in his dentist diggs. I think they should just let him go ahead and skip the rest of dental school so he can spend more time with you and Scar :)