Monday, August 23, 2010

Another Monday rolls around!

Let me introduce you to Scarlett's new, favorite friend -- Sophie.

Love this expression... yes, Scarlett, we are looking at you!

We had another low-key weekend on the Owen range... those are our personal favorite! We did finally cut down the Christmas tree in the backyard, pulled lots of weeds, mowed, swept, trimmed bushes... etc. We hung some new curtains and I made a new curtain/panel for our front door as you can see here... Sorry the picture is kind of dim, but I wanted to show you all the works of my domestic labor!

We went to the grocery (no big deal there!) and I wanted to show you all something new I found that I really like... it has no artificial sweeteners, no preservatives, etc. It is so nice to have a cool, refreshing drink in this HOT weather we are experiencing so I thought I would share one of my favorites. The grape flavor is my very fav, but the strawberry/kiwi is good too.

Hope you have a wonderful week!!!


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