Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Family fun in the hot, summer sun!

Last Wednesday we spent the whole day with our family. There is nothing like family. We so badly want Scarlett to grow up knowing all of grandparents and feel very loved, just as Mitch and I did as children.

Early in the morning we met Mitch's parents (Pop and Lolli) and kiddos at Huber's Farm for lots of activities and lunch.

The petting zoo was our first adventure of the day.
Do you spy some sweet, little, familiar faces?

Daddy and Scarlett.
We found this darling little piggy... she looks like her name could be Izzy :)
She was one flower pickin' little pig... she picked a whole bouquet of dandelions for Scarlett!

~~~~ Everybody loved the slides!!! ~~~~

Pop and Scarlett.
Kavin and Jack.
Daddy and Scarlett!

~~~~ Scarlett on the run! ~~~~

~~~~ Then we tore up the track on tiny tractors! ~~~~

Mama and Scarlett.

Pop and Jack.
Lolli and Isabella.
Daddy and Scarlett.

All of this activity made for one tired girl on the trip home...


Later that evening we had dinner and play time at the splash park with my parents (Nonni and Peepaw).

My sweet parents! I really don't think they look like they are grandparents :)

Little Miss Wet and Wild!!!

Peepaw had all kinds of tricks up his sleeve!
And the purse lives on!

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