Thursday, July 7, 2011

A summer evening with the Ham Fam.

This evening we enjoyed a lovely dinner with some life-long friends, the Hamiltons. It is unique because I am the same age as Jill (one of my best friends from high school) and Chaz (my little bro) is best friends with John, Jill's little brother. It makes for a special bond between our families. Although my most favorite member of the family was not there (Jill!!), we had a sweet time soaking in the ambiance and charm of their back porch... I seriously think it should be featured in Southern Living.

Sweet summer corn.
The darling duo -- Dada and Scarlett :)

The scenery.
I could stay there all day!

Scarlett sitting with the boys... Chaz, Scarlett and John.

The dinner party and our lovely cook, Mrs. H!

The little brothers cooking some meat.

And this is Baxter. Scarlett loved him!

Thank you Hamilton's for a delightful evening and for a precious friendship.

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