Thursday, July 7, 2011


Scarlett and I have both found new "obsessions" that help
us count away the hours while Daddy is away.

As you can see, Scarlett loves to feed my parents' dogs. Although it is a small snack for them, you would think it is all they eat for days by the way they wait to woof it down!!

And then it's time for a little snack for herself... Hey, all feeding and no eating makes Scarlett a cranky girl!!

I am loving these sweet curls...

And now for my new "obsession" -- Monogramming. I love it. There is just something so classy about a monogram. I will admit though, I do not monogram any piece of clothing that I paid more than $10 for. I love consignment sales and find all kinds of name brand clothes for Scarlett that are very gently used and then I monogram them for a personal touch. My mom has a monogramming machine that I am slowly learning to use (with much supervision!) so it is such a treat to be able to create my own little "masterpiece!"
This is a fun and summery Kelly's Kids outfit I got for $6 at a sale.

And here is Scarlett's 4th of July dress that I got on sale at Strasburg, in the middle of winter mind you, for under $10!

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