Friday, July 1, 2011

Duck Dunks

Oh my goodness... I am SO behind on my blogging. I have got 5 posts sitting "on deck" that I need to find the time to sit down and write! Thanks for all your patience, you darling readers!!! The Owen Range (I am talking about myself here) thrives on organization and schedules and this summer is lacking in both of those areas!! Though I feel a little discombobulated, the show must go on!

Last Friday & Saturday we enjoyed some time with my precious college friends (The ducks, minus 2!!! We missed you Tiff and Rach if you are reading!) We went up to KT's parents' home for a mini 'swim party' and just loved our time in the country. I found the most perfect little book about ducks going swimming at one of my mom and I's favorite stores -- Tuesday Morning. Duck Dunks... could it be more perfect? Hints the title of this post!
Here we are enjoying Beth's famous potato soup together. I cherish these precious friends!

Here is our little "early riser" ready to seize the day in her Disney princess romper and Aunt KT's wristlet!

It was a little chilly Saturday morning so in lieu of an early swim we loaded up for a truck ride and tour of the land that has been in KT's family since 1792. Unbelievable and gorgeous!!

We ended up going to KT's boss/friends' home to swim because their pool is heated. It was a beautiful setting (thank you Gwen, if you are reading!)
Here are the little ones getting suited up!
Me and my girl doing our SPF thing!

How adorable is "Little Guy" with his shades on? And he didn't even try to take them off!

Look at this gorgeous bathing beauty -- Beth! She is such a precious little momma!

Our little water bug.

We recuperated from our big afternoon with naps (for the little ones) and I Love Lucy.
These two were for sure the "stars" of the weekend.

Scarlett 'loved on' LG all the time but she also showed some "jealousy" when mama or dada would hold him. It is funny to think that someday (Lord willing) she will have to share the attention with a little brother or sister.

A big THANK YOU to our hostess with the mostest... AUNT KT!!! Thank you for your hospitality!!!!! And thank you to Mrs. Nancy and Mr. CJ for letting us 'move in' for a while!!!
Wishing we could do this every weekend!

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