Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I feel like summertime is such an active time that I find it hard to sit down and write a post. We have a nice thunderstorm rolling in right now so I decided to update on what has been going on with us.
Mitch has been working long days (not paid... did I mention that is part of his externship!? But the experience is well worth it) and Scarlett and I have been enjoying many things including (but not limited too!) the sunshine, great outdoors and my sweet Mama.
Yesterday Mitch was off work before working 3, 13 hour days in a row. So, here are some pictures from our day...
We went to this really fun, new park called The Park Lands as suggested by my dear friend Annie. It was great because they have a toddler playground that has padded, level ground.
Here is our little ham!
She is a little thinker, even when it is play time.

And here is our little resident dutch girl... Hallo!!!!

Aren't these little red clogs darling? They were a gift to my sister, Ryan, from my mom's parents (Naenae and Pawpaw) when they went to the Netherlands when she was a little girl.

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