Thursday, June 16, 2011

A family day and the unexpected.

We have made our "summer move" and Mitch started his externship on Tuesday. He feels good about it thus far which I am thankful for. Before we started getting into a routine and before Mitch starts working long days back-to-back we wanted to have a little "summer kick off" with just our little family of 3. So, we took Scarlett to the zoo for the 1st time! She loved it. Mitch and I were both so surprised at how interested she was in the animals and how much she noticed. And Mitch and I had a ball, well that is until a little something unexpected happened...but more on that later.

We got up early and headed to a great breakfast spot.... breakfast is totally Mitch's favorite meal. Here are my 2 cuties getting ready to load up in the car...

We enjoyed a delicious and large breakfast. I think Mitch's comment in reference to the spot we ate at was something like, "now, they can sling some hash!" (I think he picked that line up from his Uncle Keith!) Scarlett was settled in the back with her full tummy. The sun was shining but it was a much milder day than what we have been experiencing.

It was about a 25 minute ride to the zoo... we looked back and...
Little missy had dozed off. Nothing like a warm car and a full belly.

We got there just minutes after the zoo opened and it was already packed. I guess 80 degree weather brings everybody out! Here we are... Scarlett's first experience at the ZOO!!!!

The foliage was so pretty!! Do you spy my sweet little passenger?

Here is our first new friend... a tortoise!

Here is probably my personal favorite. The orangutans. This guy was Mr. Personality. Right up against the glass, making eye contact. He was just hammin' it up!

I seriously felt like Scarlett and the orangutan had a "moment" together. Mitch denies it, but I thought that Mr. Personality took quite a liking to her.

Then there was this guy we could NOT stop laughing at... just sitting in a bucket. Hilarious.

Daddy and his girl.

The fruit bats were very lively. I have to be honest, some of these creatures kind of made my skin crawl but they are all so amazing....

Penguins!!!!! They were getting breakfast so they were WILD!

The crocodiles... yikes.

Okay, Mitch wanted to show Scarlett this gigantic snake (I think it was a boa constrictor of some sort). So I documented it with a photo. My sweet little 'flower' beside this nasty snake.

I thought this was so beautiful and I could not see his/her "snakey" face so I took a picture.

And this one is for you, AUNT KT!!!! Sorry! I coud not resist. Just keep scrolling!!!!!!!!! :)

The African bullfrog.

Scarlett was very infatuated with this big ole' guy.

The very classy pink flamingos.
And our little pink lady was OFF!!!!
Grizzly bear.
I think his big paw is so neat in this picture.
The elephants... and this is where our family day took a little unexpected twist as I mentioned earlier...
Ok, so we had eaten a big breakfast, it was pretty sunny and was getting very warm to say the least. The zoo is very hilly and we had walked a lot already. Well, I told Mitch I was not feeling good so he suggested I sit down on a bench for just a bit while they saw a few things. It was the weirdest thing, it was like something came over me so fast -- I was SO nauseous. And NO, I am not pregnant :) Well, I sat and just fanned myself for a few minutes and then Mitch and Scar came back. At that point I was still denying the inevitable. I told Mitch I wanted to try to make it to the car. (ha!!!) We took about 20 steps and then it came... I ran over to the huge hydrangea bushes beside the elephant exhibit, grabbed onto a little tree and hurled my guts up for about 30 seconds. Oh my. Mitch was so sweet to tell me that he and Scarlett walked a little ways away as to not draw attention because people were looking. Apparently I was gagging pretty loud. Goodness. He said one woman stopped with her kids in the stoller and just watched for a little while. That was sweet she was concerned. I finished vomitting and he came over and brought me our water bottle and some wipes. I had that feeling of wishing I could brush my teeth but that was obviously not an option. I instantly felt better so we went on to see the Giraffes, Rhinos and ride the carousel. Ha! Just a little unexpected and very yucky intermission in our day.

Mitch chose the white horse for Scarlett and she was a little unsure at first but loved it when Carousel started and she went up and down.

All in all it was a lovely day together. Mitch suggested that I entitle this post The Louisville Spew. ha! It was certainly an unforgettable 1st trip!

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  1. Well thanks for giving me a panic attack. This post disturbs me greatly...I can't even explain!