Monday, June 13, 2011

Lately and our summer plans...

I have been meaning to get around to this post but there have been a couple things that come ahead of blogging lately. Namely, Scarlett has been sick. She ran a temp of 103 through the weekend and has just started feeling better today. Bless her little heart. She has been miserable. It was just a virus that had to run its course. I am so thankful that she is better, I know there are a lot of parents who wonder if there children will ever get better from sickness or know that they definitely won't (at least not this side of heaven!). So, this is what has been going on here on the Owen Range lately....

Lots of jammy time.
Just hanging loose.... lovin' on our SingAMaJig.
Scarlett's new favorite thing is to carry around several toys in a little basket. I promise she does not sit down all day! She just walks around and picks up different toys, follows me, looks out the front door, etc. She is exhausted every night!

Not that I would ever wish for Scarlett to not feel well, but if it were going to fall any certain week this one worked out best. I have been packing and packing because we have different plans than usual this summer. We are being sort of uprooted because Mitch has to do an externship between his 3rd and 4th year. So, the dental school has specific assignments available and then you are part of a lottery to see which spot you get. Luckily he got a spot in our hometown a little over an hour away so we are homeword bound! It works out great because he won't be away from Scarlett and I and we are able to live with my parents during his 5 week assignment. Plus, one of my cousins needed a place to stay for the summer while she is working a Christian camp near our house so she is holding down the fort at our place while we are gone. It seems like it is all going to work out well and we are looking forward to a fun summer! Mitch will work 3 days a week but they are 13 hour days so that will be interesting. So, like I said, I have been packing like a maniac! I have realized a couple things... 1) we need a bigger car, 2) I need to learn how to pack lighter and 3) I forget what I am doing all the time while I am running around all day searching for things or zipping up bags so of course I have now forgotten my 3rd point. ha! I tell people all the time I thin that I birthed my brain on April 6, 2010 along with Scarlett (yuck, that is kind of nasty to think about... don't think about it, just laugh! that is, if you have made it this far in my rambling!!!)

Mitch has been trying to take care of projects around the house as his work load has slimmed down a little for the summer. He has been finishing painting the shed.... with his sidekick, Callie.
Along with our little summer migration, we have several fun plans on the docket so I am excited to get started!

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  1. This is my favorite part: "I forget what I am doing all the time while I am running around all day searching for things or zipping up bags so of course I have now forgotten my 3rd point." Girlfriend, this happens to me ALL THE TIME and I haven't even had a baby yet :)