Monday, June 6, 2011

14 Months

First of all, I know Scarlett would like to wish her Aunt Sarah a very Happy Birthday today!!! We hope you have a great day Sarah, we love you!

Scarlett, You are 14 months today and are such a busy bee!!!
Here is what is going on with you...
- You wear all 18-24 month clothes and even some 2T
- You wear a size 5 diaper and a size 5 shoe!
- You are walking everywhere and are doing so well... you were running and pulling toys all over the place in the nursery at church yesterday.
- You have gone to 1 nap a day now... but it is a good 2.5 hours long!
- You are sleeping so well at night. I think all the walking you do during the day wears you out.
- You are understanding SO much of what we say to you... you can go get things from the other room if we ask you. Like your blankie, paci and lots of other things too. You know what to do when we ask you to 'shut the door' or 'come here'... this just amazes us! You are so smart!
- You LOVE to get in the refrigerator. It is very hard to close it once you have gotten to work...
I just let you play in it because I want you to be able to explore!
- You talk constantly. The other day at Kroger, you were talking away in the cart while I was putting the groceries in the trunk. The cart guy ran up frantically and said, "Did she call for me?" I said, "No, she has a lot to say but it does not make sense to us yet." ha!
- You look so grown up... sometimes I look at you and you look more like a little girl than a baby! wah!!!! This is going by too fast.
- You are seriously so sweet. You run up to me all the time and hug my legs or bring me your blankie and want me to love on you. Your daddy and I don't feel like you can be loved too much!!!!
- People are starting to say you look more like me which I love, but I think you are starting to look like yourself.... with your own precious little personality and all!

While you change so much from month to month one thing certainly stays the same: you are our little treasure! Our precious girl that God has given us to take care of. We cannot wait to get you out of your bed every morning! We love you so much. - Mama and Dada

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