Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Lovin' my girls' haira!

Both of my girls had some new things going on with their hair today...

Scarlett woke up with some very fabulous, very voluminous hair so we put a few of mommy's accessories in when she woke up and rocked them during breakfast...
Hello blue eyes!
Here is Scarlett enjoying one of her new favorite tasks... carrying her dirty diaper to the trash can. She ALWAYS wants to carry it... my little helper! I guess this is a step toward potty training?!?
Apparently you can enjoy your waffles and fruit more when you have "worked" for them...

And then there is my other girl... my Callie girl. She has practically been wearing a fur coat out in the heat all day. She was overdue for her "summer cut." Bless her little heart she would just lay on the tile and pant forever when she came in at night.
But the curly ears and feathering had to go!!!
Here is our summer ready Callie...
I know it is not a traditional Springer cut, but it is so much more functional. She just loves to run outside all day and that means she needs to be as slick as a little otter... and believe me she is. Her ears are like velvet, so sweet.

On another note, I love to share when I have found something that works well... we have been using a ton of SPF lately. I feel like I am a sunscreen connoisseur. Seriously, one look at our family and you know why! But anyway, I really like the brand Ocean Potion (Mitch and I used it when we were on our honeymoon, which will be 6 years ago this weekend!, so the smell is sentimental to me!) and they have a great kids spray-on that dries instantly. I think I got ours at Target. I read the back and it said you can use it on children over 6 months so I use it on Scarlett too. I still use the baby lotion for her face though. Just thought I would share!

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  1. I'm not sure if my sweet little niece can get anymore precious! She looks so grown up with her Mama's accessories in her hair!