Thursday, June 2, 2011

A fun getaway and a daddy/daughter day!

Well, I did something big for the 1st time ever (it seems like there is a little trend of firsts starting around the Owen range, ha!) ... I left Scarlett for a whole day (meaning from after breakfast until after bedtime). I love being a stay-at-home mom (as I have said before, it is totally my dream job), but somedays you just gotta get out of your routine. So, this past Saturday I could think of no better girls (other than my mama and sissy) to get out with than 'the ducks' (my college suite-mates)! So, KT and I drove south and listened to the Dixie Chicks CD "Fly" the whole way down. We were so impressed with ourselves... I don't think we missed even 1 word as we sang along and it had been YEARS for me since jammin' to that one! Boy were we glad no one but us was listening though, ha!

We made it to Beth's house and loved every second of it!
How sweet is this little guy? I mean seriously, melt your heart sweetness! Will you please pray for him? He is currently in foster care in Beth and Josh's home. I cannot give details, but please pray hard that the Lord would work in this little guy's life.

We ate lunch at this darling restaurant we dined at once before...
5 Chefs in Portland, Tennessee

Here are KT, me and Bethel getting ready to enter...

We enjoyed a long, leisurely lunch on the back porch... it was nothing short of DIVINE!
After lunch we strolled around the little shop and got all kinds of fun decorating ideas. We were ecstatic to find these 3 "ducky" topiaries! What a perfect momento of our day together. Mine is now sitting in my kitchen window so I can think of my precious friends all the time.
When we got back to Beth's house and we did one of our favorite things... kicked off our shoes, jumped in the bed and watched "I Love Lucy" episodes! It was so fun and relaxing!

Now you may be wondering where precious Scarlett was while her mommy was away...
She was with her Daddy all day!

She was in good hands.
Mitch called it their daddy/daughter day.

I was SO impressed... Mitch fed her lunch and dinner and did bath time, bedtime and everything else in between by himself!!!! I have always felt so thankful for Mitch. I am so in love with him, would do anything for him, but having Scarlett has brought about a whole new part to our relationship.... a part that I love. Mitch is an incredible Daddy. I have to tell you what a laugh I got out of his honesty when I got home. He was laying on the couch.... he gave me the report on their day together, the house was clean, including the kitchen, and I was singing (practically shouting) his praises. He looked at me and said, "I am glad you did not get home about an hour ago because this place was trashed." Ha!!! I love you Mitch.

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  1. Hey Erin, this is Alex Casabella, Kathryn Smiths friend...I think we met at least one time! Just wanted you to know that I read your blog and love seeing your precious family! I also love that Scarlett is a few months older than my Sawyer, i am learning lots from you!! Your girl reminds me a little of mine! Hope you all ave a great weekend! Blessings!!!

    And oh by the way, aren't sweet girlfriends such a gift from the Lord! So glad you got to have a whole girls day, hopefully I'll get one if those soon! Ha!

  2. I loved the blogpost! It was such a great day! It just fills my heart to be with you girls. Glad Scarlett had a great day with her Daddy.

  3. Erin you look GORGEOUS!!!!!! with your sweet duckie friends :) Love you to pieces. Also Mitch you are so sweet I'm sure you & Scarlett had such a fun day together ha ha daddy daughter day could be called twin day..... erin scarlett looks a lot like you too :)

  4. Thanks girls!!!!!!!!!!!! mwah!!!!! (Alex, I left you a special note on your blog... hope you saw it!)