Sunday, December 11, 2011

Celebrating Jesus and 1,2,3

Whew! Where have the days gone? It seems like everyone feels that way in December... it is just a busy, fun filled month for most and we are certainly feeling that way here on the Owen range :)

Those of you who have been praying for Mitch, thank you! He is sitting here next to me studying as I type. That man is just precious. He works so hard and I am so proud of him. I know it may seem silly to write about that on here, but hey this is my little "platform." T-minus 2 days for his big board exam... We were going over sample questions for fun tonight while we rode in the car. He would let me choose an answer for each one and then we would see who got it right. Well, you guessed it, I got every single one wrong! Ha! All I can even remotely remember about the 5 or so questions we went over is something about parathyroid and a drug I said sounded familiar that Mitch then said was used to treat Parkinson's disease. Let's just say I am not ment for the medical field. I told Mitch that if he is ever in doubt on a particular question during his 8 hour (Tuesday) or 4 hour (Wednesday) exam to just choose the answer I would not choose. Sounds complicated, I know, but it made sense when I told him.

Anyhow, we were riding in the car on our way to Kingston's house. Every time we told Scarlett where we were going she would stick her little legs straight out (from her car seat) and explain "Weeeee!!!!" She loves Kingston. Kingston hosted his second annual 'Happy Birthday Jesus' party and it was so fun. Lots of little kiddos, good food and friends. And all for a great cause -- everyone brought toys that will go to Appalachia Mission of Hope that serves Eastern Kentucky with the good news of Jesus. I really want Scarlett to learn from a young age the joy of giving with a merry heart. I really LOVE this idea that Kingston's mommy and daddy had :)
I totally forgot to take my camera with us to the party, but here are SJ and I after we got home...
Just had to throw this one in for memory's sake.This is SJ and I before we went to the 'Happy Birthday Jesus' party last year....
Here is my sweet little artist. She enjoys coloring more and more every day.

SJ's new favorite thing is twirling, spinning and dancing ALL THE TIME. I really have to watch her because sometimes she twirls so much she gets dizzy and falls down. Silly girl. Well, she loves when Mommy or Daddy spins her around... here we are doing our little 1, 2, 3 spin. You will notice someone is learning to count :)

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