Tuesday, December 6, 2011

it's the little things

We had a beautiful, sunny day last week that we took advantage of by going on a long walk at the park. Good thing we did because it has been raining ever since! Our walk made me start thinking. I thought about all the days I walked Scarlett in her stroller at that same park from the time she was just weeks old... She would doze off and just enjoy the ride and now she is a busy toddler ready to go all the time! I could hardly keep up with her...
She LOVES babies and baby dolls. Everywhere we go she points and says, "baby, baby, baby" if there is another child in a stroller. She loves to carry Genevieve (pictured with her!) all around. It is so sweet to watch her kiss her and pat her little head. I like to think she is mimicking what her mommy does to her :)
There is just no way I could ever express how thankful I am that I get to stay home with my sweet girl. These 20 months have seriously been the sweetest days of my life!

I am telling y'all, it truly is the little things in life. We made a batch of cookies after our walk so I made Scarlett a glass of milk with a straw to go along (you know the book If You Give A Mouse A Cookie, well it's true!). She learned to blow bubbles in her milk, (completely on her own may I add)...
And as you can see, she loved it!

As I have mentioned before... we are having so much fun sporting our Christmas garb each day in December! I cannot get over how much SJ's smile here looks like her Daddy's in his baby pictures. They are our little 'look alikes' :)
So grown up and SO sweet!!!

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