Monday, December 5, 2011


Scarlett and I drove in for a little Christmas gathering in Lolly and Pop's neighborhood Sunday evening where we got to meet Santa and Mrs. Claus... more on that in a bit!

Can I ask something of y'all, my precious readers? Mitch is studying like a maniac for part 2 of his national board exams that are a week from tomorrow. Would you please pray for him? He does NOT get stressed. But, today he used the exact words, "I am stressed." I know he can pass them, but I know he is feeling the heat right now. He has been on a long road for the past 4 years that is quickly coming to an end, but there is still a lot ahead. I would so appreciate your prayers and I know Mitch would too.

Okay. So, Scarlett is not a fan of Santa Claus this year...
Well now that I feel like the worst mommy of the decade, at least Mrs. Claus was a hit.

~~~~ Aside from Santa, she had a ball!!! ~~~~

We rode in a covered wagon pulled by a big, black horse...

And she even danced the night away with her aunt and uncle...
This darling dress is a gift from Aunt KT....
thank you, we love it!

Sorry Santa, there is always next year :)
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P.S. Just had to do a little "remember when"... Here is Scarlett with Old St. Nick last year. Not happy, but not reaching her arms like Stretch Armstrong for mommy!!

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  1. That outfit was so cute on her! Sorry Ho-Ho wasn't a hit!