Sunday, December 4, 2011

oohing and ahing

Yesterday was such a special day. One of my very best friends, Beth, gave birth to her first baby on November 21st and I have been dying to get my hands on her! The baby that is :) ha! So, KT and I made the drive to Beth's house yesterday to visit our newest little duckling! It was such a sweet time because we have prayed and prayed for Beth and for precious McKinley. You may remember when we went for McKinley's shower back in October. Here is the newest angel baby...
There is just nothing more fun that oohing and ahing over a precious little miracle like this!

Here is Beth (the new momma) and darling McKinley.

There is just nothing like holding a newborn baby!!

Aunt KT and baby girl.

KT bought Scarlett and McKinley matching Christmas outfits.... Here is McKinley in hers. (I will post pictures of SJ in hers soon!)
Thank you LORD for McKinley's precious life!!!!

KT, Beth, McKinley and me. Friends for life!!! Love you girls!

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