Saturday, June 29, 2013

Feeling crafty.

This is our last weekend as a family of 3. I cannot believe how incredibly fast this pregnancy has gone. I am so thankful to God that this pregnancy has been so smooth and am hopeful that will ring true for Ivy's delivery as well :)

I found a tutorial for a darling burlap wreath (which seem to be all the rage!) and thought it would be a fun project for Scarlett and I this weekend. Here is the full tutorial if you'd like to make one for your house! It was less than $10 for the supplies! (for the basic wreath) 

I wanted to make it for my hospital room door as a way that Scarlett would know that's where Ivy and I are when she comes to meet her for the first time (I am SO looking forward to that moment). And then we can put it on our front door as a way to continue celebrating Ivy's arrival. 

We added some "girly" touches and Ivy's name and plan to put her birthdate, weight and length on the little teapot. 
We are tickled with how it turned out :)  

Scarlett painted the teapot and letters for the wreath along with a little birdhouse she picked out. 

And then she embellished the birdhouse after it was all dry. 

 I so hope she and I can make a habit of doing crafts together even after baby sissy gets here. 

Mitch had several things to take care of outside this afternoon so Scarlett played away with the sprinkler ball while I tried to lay down for a sec (let's just say Scarlett would not take a nap this today and the timing could not be worse for the whole "no nap" shenanigans a 3 year old tries to pull). 

I am no super-blogger by any means, so my technical blog knowledge is minimal... But, apparently Google Reader will be going away on July 1st. I have been having trouble seeing the blogs I love to read even in my blogspot dashboard, so I don't know if that is linked with the whole Google Reader deal. Anyhow, I joined Bloglovin and have really liked it so far. It makes reading all of your favorite blogs really easy from one  main window. Maybe you have already joined Bloglovin... I would recommend it! 

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