Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The preggo sisterhood.

This is something that, because of timing, I have not posted about on here, yet. But before time runs out I have to tell y'all that I am currently part of what we will call "the preggo sisterhood." That is... my sister, sister-in-law and I are all pregnant right now. How fun is that?!?! 

So here are the 2 darling Kentucky belles with their pregnant tummies... 

left: My older sister, Ryan  right: My brother's wife, Karinne

I feel SO excited about their babies coming!!!! You get excited about your own children and then it's like pure joy to watch your siblings (and their sweet spouses) have children :) 

A little back story... 

Ryan and her husband Derek were married on September 23, 2012. Their baby BOY, Declan Howard, is set to enter the world on September 23, 2013. (Ha!!! the dates... I love it :) 

My brother Chaz married his precious bride Karinne on December 21, 2012. Their baby GIRL, whose name is not set just yet, is set to enter the world on October 23, 2013. 

Oh how I love these sweet babies already. Scarlett loves to pray for Declan Howard and baby "q-tip" as she has so endearingly named Karinne's baby girl. 

So, that means my parents will get a new grand-baby in July, September and October... going from 1 grandchild to 4 grandchildren all before the end of 2013!!! For the Lord is good to us. 

As for a little update on Miss Ivy Glenn... 

We now have a paper-chain countdown going for her (prospected) arrival. Although we talk about her coming all the time, I wanted a visual way that Scarlett could see and understand how soon she is going to be a big sister.

She got to decorate the special, "Happy Birthday" link for Ivy's big day... Princesses was the theme she chose :) 

 And here we are... 38+ weeks and going strong. 

I am feeling pretty good. I had awful swelling toward the end with Scarlett and I am thankful to say I have NONE with Ivy. Aside from just feeling completely exhausted, I have nothing bad to report. Thank you Lord!  

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  1. Oh Sissy!!! This is tooo cute & such a sweet memory. 38+ wks & You look great!!! Love you & Miss you lots xoxox so excited for Ivy's arrival!!

  2. Honey, you were swollen for so long with SJ...Do I need to remind you of those ankles in Disney?! You look great!