Saturday, June 22, 2013

the eagle has landed.

Well, by now the eagle has landed back home. That is, my mama. She was with us for a week and Scarlett and I LOVED it. Mitch, with my full permission, headed to Colorado for a bro-trip with my Dad, brother and brother-in-law. Since I am within days of delivering, my mama came as back-up just because you never know what this sweet babe may decide to do. She stayed put until her Daddy got back home and I am hoping she will do so for at least 13 more days. 

Here are Scarlett and "Nons" enjoying some italian ice in our little neighborhood. 

Here is a little update on how Miss Ivy is looking.... I was a day shy of 37 weeks here... 
My sweet doctor swears I am not having another 10 pound baby, but y'all sometimes I feel like I am...

So, while Nonni was with us we galavanted around to all our favorite spots... Chick-fil-A, T.J. Maxx, Homegoods, Tuesday Morning, a furniture store, rug store... We like to decorate and I know once we get to our new spot in Tennessee I will have my hands full, so we tried to do a little prep work. Scarlett was cracking us up because she loves to give her opinion on things we find. She kept saying, "Oh mama, I think this is beautiful!" or "I do not care for that." :) 

But you know what all that running around will do to a girl... 
I have had several mommies ask me about Scarlett and her "bappy" as she calls it.  She only uses it for sleep (why it's not in her mouth here I do not know)... and it is just not an issue we have decided to tackle right now. I am sure I will have at least one post about when and how we will someday do without her paci. There are just too many changes going on in her little world right now to make it an issue!

There is nothing like having your mama under your roof to cook for you. Amen? Scarlett and Nonni made homemade breadsticks for our italian dinner one evening. So yummy. 

Here is a picture my mom text to me while I was out on an errand... She and Scarlett were headed to the playground in true playground fashion :) 

As for all our boys... They were riding rapids and climbing mountains....and texting us pictures like this...  More power to them! 

Thanks for a lovely week, mom!!! I am literally counting down the days until you are back here with us... 
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