Monday, June 10, 2013

Our day in iPhone pics.

We had a relatively low-key weekend. Mitch has been on-call since Wednesday of last week so that keeps us close to home. It was so nice though because, although he did have to go into the clinic on Saturday and Sunday morning, he got no calls over the weekend. I made a to-do list for us and was so hopeful to complete it...and as of 10:00 p.m. last night we did! Yay!! We purged and cleaned out our attic, I got my hospital bag packed and cleaned out the laundry room cabinets so we would be ready for packers/movers. I don't know if you can relate, but cleaning out things like that is like a rush for me. I think it's such a good feeling to have just what you need and not a bunch of junk piled up. 

Scarlett and I hit the ground running early on this Monday morning. Frist stop, Callie girl went to the groomer. She looks thrilled doesn't she? She really does love it and she will love to be clean shaven for the summer-time temperatures we have already been sweating in. 

Sweating. I cannot avoid it. I am hot all the time. So, my constant companion -- this tervis tumbler. These things are amazing. 

This little self portrait is for my sister... Although it's tough to see in the slightly blurry pic, I am so enjoying the little, kate spade anchor necklace she gave me for my birthday. Thanks Sissy!!!

We put Ivy's car seat in a couple weeks ago. I am loving the idea of a backseat full of babes! And, I know you cannot miss our beloved King Julien (from the motion picture Madagascar) pictured here... He is, well...He is a character. And so we currently have a stuffed King Julien at our house. He may or may not be intended for someone very special for Father's Day :)  

Scarlett and I headed through downtown on our way to the bank on Parris Island. I sure am going to miss these beautiful tree-lined streets and oh, the spanish moss. 

And the darling waterfront B&B's and homes...

Whoop! And here is Tropical Storm Andrea at her finest. We have actually not seen too much of her since last Thursday. The rain brings humidity around here like I have never seen. Oh girls, it can make or break your hair-day, that is for sure.

Parris Island -- they make Marines. Here are some recruits marching. Scarlett loves to roll down the window and get a closer look. 

We ran our morning errands and then enjoyed a little playtime and lunch with our darling neighbors. Scarlett and Colette were covering lots of ground with the popper train :)

Colette is a little red-headed beauty! It is so special to see Scarlett play so gently with her. 

And now, it is nap-time at our house and I think I hear storm clouds rolling in... 

I'm just finishing up paying some bills and looking over my planner for the weeks ahead. It's hard to believe Ivy will here in a little over 3 weeks! Grow strong sweet baby love :) 

I hope you are enjoying this Monday even if it's in what appears to be the most menial way. 
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  1. Sissy I really like your pic!! You look so good & your necklace looks really sweet! I miss you & love you. xoxo sissy