Friday, June 7, 2013

Making Laura proud.

Who is Laura you ask? The one and only -- Laura Ingalls Wilder!
She would have been so proud of my sweet friend Lizzy and I and our girls as we went and picked our own bounty last Friday. Our main priority was strawberries. It was so fun. 

First berry of the pick!

Just picking away...

They were like pieces of candy warmed by the sun as they melted in your mouth. 

Our darling picking partners... 

Colette looked so cute as she was covered in dirt from head to toe. 

We came home with fresh cut bib lettuce, green beans and zucchini too. There is nothing as yummy as garden fresh green beans and red potatoes.  

And for dessert....My darling sister-in-love Karinne shared her Mamaw Pearl's strawberry pie recipe with me... 

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  1. Love those pictures of SJ! They are precious. Laura Ingalls Wilder - Tiff would be proud!

  2. Yes, love the one of her standing there in her little boots! Go, LIW!!! - Bethel