Wednesday, October 6, 2010

6 months

This is an expression we know very well... little wrinkled nose!

You are 6 months old today and are the joy of your Daddy and I's life!!!!! You have been up to so much and are growing so quickly... what are we going to do? Oh, these are the days we want to remember! I wish I could take a snapshot of today and go back to it anytime I want to. But, time keeps pressing on. You are so smart, funny, lovely, charming, darling, attentive, sweet, beautiful and everything a young lady should aspire to be! Your personality is so pleasant and we love watching you develop each day. Here is some info about you...our 6 month old baby girl:

- You are above 95 percentile from head to toe! You are a little chunk and we love it!!!!
- You are wearing mostly 12 month clothes and some 9 month.
- You wear size 3 diapers.
- You are still nursing really well which we are so thankful for. You have started eating rice cereal after your morning meal... you are not crazy about it, but you try very hard. We have also introduced you to sweet potatoes, you seem to like them and there are so many more flavors to come!
- You have lost almost all of your "baby" hair. It makes us sad but it looks like you will still be our little red-head (or strawberry blond) even with your new hair.
- You are so content. It is very seldom that you get flustered enough to cry, so if the tears start flowing we REALLY know something is wrong.
- You love to skype with Nonni. You get so tickled and just laugh and laugh at her. It is like you wish she could jump through the screen and hold you right that second!
- You are very good at playing alone. You play well in your Exersaucer or on a quilt.

- You LOVE Callie. Every time she comes in the room you squeal with delight. You want to get your little hands on her all the time. It is so sweet. The only problem is that Callie would lick your little face over and over if we let her, but we DON'T! Ha! You two will be the best of friends, we just know it.
- You get really excited when Daddy comes home. You look at him with your mouth wide open as if you are saying, "oh my goodness, you are HERE!" We love it.
- You always want things that momma has... my cell phone, watch, whatever I am holding. It is so cute!
- You often get really silly right before bath time. It is like you are trying to get all of your wiggles out before bed. We get such a kick out of you.
- You are a social girl but sometimes you just want momma (which I secretly love!)
- You have now outgrown your infant car seat (...I wipe my tears!)
- You smile all the time.

- You love playing your your toys in the bath. You kick and kick and water goes everywhere but your Daddy is always so sweet and cleans it up.
- You like to try to sing when we sing to you.
- You are very good at concentrating on one thing or task. You are so smart.

- You have mastered sitting up.
- You are getting very active.... things that are out of your reach have become very interesting to you so we are thinking you might try to become mobile soon!

We love you so much. Our prayer for you is that you will come to know Jesus personally at a young age and genuinely follow Him all the days of your life.

Daddy and Momma

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