Saturday, October 16, 2010

A visit to WKU and the Phi Gamma Delta House

We packed up today and headed to Bowling Green to visit my darling little brother Chaz. He is a Senior at WKU and it was parent/family weekend. It was a beautiful, fall day so we wanted to take advantage of the opportunity for a fun road trip. My parents and Ryan (and our cousin Daja because our other cousin Nick is a FIJI!) made the trip too. Chaz is the president of his fraternity and they just got a new (to them) Fraternity House so it was so exciting to see the house unveiled and all of the work they had done. We had a lot of fun...

Here we are in the drive thru at Chick-fil-A before hitting the road. Mitch kept laughing at me because I totally wore my hot rollers in my hair the whole way down... what is a girl to do?

Our hunky chauffeur.
Here we are with Chaz. Love him. (Everyone kept asking me why I was wearing blue... duh... The Cats played today and BEAT South Carolina... holla!!)

Peepaw :)

Here we are posing in Chaz's room. Ryan is so gorgeous!

Peepaw pretty much has an afternoon nap everyday, so his schedule works well with a 6 month old! Ha! Nap time.

Chaz's room. My mom helped him decorate... it is really nice.
(I spy a little baby girl on the bed!)

These two are crazy.

Hail, hail... the gang is all HERE!

And finally, the House. It is really old and SO neat. I could really get used to the huge front porch and back deck. Way to go FIJI boys!

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  1. Totally impressed by Uncle Chaz's room! Who's fraternity room looks like that! I love it!