Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Thanksgiving garb.

Scarlett and I had a fruitful trip to the fabric store yesterday. I think fabric stores are so fun. The options are endless... tons of neat materials are begging to be turned into curtains or skirts or pillows or purses. I cannot say I have always loved going to the fabric store. My mom used to take Ryan and I all the time and it was like the clock stopped ticking when we were in there! My mom is an amazing seamstress so it is especially fun to go with her because she can read a pattern in an instant and know exactly what you need to execute a project in one afternoon. It seems like no project is too difficult for her. Well, I cannot say I am at that point yet. Actually, I am far from it. I took home-ec in high school, got a sewing machine one Christmas and voila! I guess you could say I concoct more than I read a pattern.

So, I have been thinking about a thanksgiving outfit for my little doll. Well, in a perfect world I would love to get her this:

My obsession with smocking continues! Okay, so we definitely know that it is NOT a perfect world and therefore I will not be purchasing this $80 dress :)

So, I saw an idea of something called a "t-shirt dress" the other day and thought maybe even my mediocre sewing skills could produce this end product... (this picture is not totally what I am thinking of doing... it is close though. Found this on etsy.com)

I think I can do this for about 1/8 of what the (coveted) smocked dress sells for. Here is the fabric and trim I found...

I am thinking this could turn out really cute or really NOT cute. HA!! I will be sure to let y'all know!

Also, found this accessory that I thought would be a fun addition for the Holiday Season that is quickly approaching...

I hope you are having a great Tuesday thus far.


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