Tuesday, April 17, 2012

2-year check-up and lunch date.

Our sweet Scarlett got a great report today at her 2-year old physical. She has always been a big, healthy girl. Just perfect in our eyes. She grew 2.5 inches and gained 2 pounds since her check-up at 18 months. Here are her stats for mommy's records: height 37 inches (>95%) and weight 30 lbs (>95%)

She is such a little joy, but oh the moments of her being a little rascal are becoming greater. She is not outright defiant by any means, just very certain that she wants to do things her way. I can relate. Ha! I just sat there with her in the exam room waiting for our pediatrician to come in and it still amazes me how quickly she has grown. I feel like she is still a baby. I love our pediatrician so much. I can honestly say he has never mis-guided me. Whenever I do things just as he tells me to it is always 50 times easier then when I decide to do it my way. I could give examples, but I would need a whole post for that. Anyhow, he brought up potty training and that just got my mind going. I feel like by the time Scarlett is 3-years-old I have got so much to accomplish with her. Potty training, getting rid of her paci (or "bappy" as she calls it) which she loves, moving her to a big girl bed, etc. I almost started to feel like I needed to make a list of tasks to execute. And then I read a blog I love, Kelly's Korner. Kelly's post today was EXACTLY what I needed to hear. If you are a mommy of a toddler or really of a child of any age, pop over and read it. I was encouraged and I think you will be too. 

After our appointment we ran into Kroger to grab the ingredients for tonight's dinner (trying something new!) and then met Kristin and Kingston for lunch. I just love our little lunch dates. Bless Kingston's heart, there is a lot of girl-talk that goes on. 
It looks like we cleared out the place.... ha!

Mitch warned me that this week was going to be a tough one. I am feeling it already. I am writing this to remind myself that we have gotten through crazier times and I am sure there are more ahead. Only 19 days until graduation, but hey who is counting? 
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