Friday, April 20, 2012


Do you remember that movie from 1995 where the kids simply try to play a little board game and it ends up turing their entire house into a jungle filled with wild animals?  It's a little foggy seeing as I was in the 5th grade when it came out, but I am pretty sure our house got the closest to Jumanji it has gotten in a while. Mitch's schedule was nuts and it's not over just yet. Lots of late nights, weekends, etc. I have no room to complain what-so-ever, but I will just say that I really feel for single moms. His final culminating day is tomorrow. He will take his clinical boards with 2 live patients in the morning and then have his work examined. I am confident that he can do it... his patients just need to show up! I am praying that the day goes extremely smoothly for him and am thanking God for being present all the way until the end...

On a lighter note, our yard truly did look like a jungle as of this afternoon. I am sure our neighbors were  beginning to wonder if we were trying to let our grass grow so we could cut and sell hay for a little extra money. Thankfully, after a trip to Lowe's this morning and lots of labor this afternoon, it is looking tons better. Scarlett loved laying in the backyard, maybe because the grass seemed so fluffy. It wasn't a far landing for her either since it was already up to her little back! 
 This expression on her face was cracking me up. It was like, "I think this is comfortable?" 

She loves flowers. It is so sweet to see how excited she is even in finding a dandelion to pick and admire. 

She seems so grown up lately. We are in constant conversation and I catch about 90% of what she says to me. It is funny to watch people's faces when we are in a store because she talks to everyone. Often they look at me and say, "I'm sorry, what is she saying?" I got this line from my Dad after he spent some time in public with SJ: Well, she talks a lot these days but just says a little. Some smart and hilarious things she has been saying lately are: "I with you?", "I eat and mommy eat and daddy eat", "Why?", "Scarlett walk-walk Callie?", and various other things that have inconveniently left my mind...

SJ was the master waterer during all of our yard work today. She did a great job making sure all of the plants stayed hydrated... and she was soaked by sundown. 

Thanks for checking-in to see what we have been up to! 

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  1. Always LOVE checking in and seeing what ya'll have been up to! SUCH a precious family!

  2. Love all the pics! Our grass has been really tall too b/c our mower was torn up for a few weeks. Thankfully it's working now. ha! SJ is SO cute!!