Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday girly girl.

The Sunday morning rush is very familiar here in the Owen house. We were in typical "get out the door quickly" mode when Scarlett presented herself ready to go in this...
A tutu had replaced the skirt of her church dress. We laughed and laughed because she had to go in her room, open her closet, get this tutu down off the rack, off the hanger and onto her little body in order to walk into the living room to present to us her new ensemble. Needless to say, we got some good twirls in before heading out the door, but this was not part of her church attire. Not today at least. 

It is a gorgeous day here! We grabbed some sandwiches after church and spread out our picnic blanket under a shade tree. It was lovely. 
SJ felt it was necessary to continually test both Mommy and Daddy's drinks.

She certainly got her wiggles out "hopping" like the birds and even decided she might need to nap in the grass...

 I am happy to report that I am finally up-to-date on all of our happenings from Mitch's final Spring Break. For my special readers (and you know who you are!), here is a list of those posts for easy viewing:

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  1. A...Thank goodness for new (old) posts
    B...How could you not let her wear that to church?!?! She is quite the fashionista! I'm so proud!

    1. Thanks KT!!! I know, I kind of wish I would have let her wear it now. She has had it on at least 10 more times since then so I am sure she will make it out of the house in her tutu some day this week. Lookout!