Thursday, April 5, 2012

A few "framers" and special visitors.

Because we are quite the pale family when it comes to skin pigmentation, morning walks seem to be our prime time on the beach...

I was so happy to capture a few "framers" on this morning as Mitch and SJ continued our seashell search...

In the afternoon we had some special visitors drive over for a fun time of playing and visiting. Mitch's Aunt Louann and cousins Aubrey and Schuyler made our afternoon!

Here are SJ and Aunt Lou opening a sweet b-day gift they brought. 
Cookies for SJ's baking endeavors! 
Thanks Aunt Lou for making the trip to see us and for always reading ;)
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  1. So..I've not noticed before how much she and her Daddy favor each you get that a lot?