Friday, April 6, 2012

SJ turns 2... Party time!!!

Warning: This post has LOTS and LOTS of photos! 

We had SUCH a fun time on Scarlett's 2nd birthday! The whole day was full and wonderful. Here is how it went...

A "happy" (cupcake) with breakfast :)

We loaded up and drove to a special fishing spot on the beach.

The sandbar was really close to the shoreline so we walked and looked for little creatures.

Our seashell expert at work...

Mitch laughs at this picture. I am actually not even sure who took it. Clearly I was made for shade. Ha! 

And so is my little SJ...

She was very good about helping Boo with his SPF application. 

Our girl is still not a sand lover... But Nonni and Boo help her try to keep testing it out. 

Boo -- Simply the best.

And then the THRILL of our morning... Mitch caught a fish! A big one. 
His faithful assistant Chaz grabbed it out of the surf for him. 

Yea buddy!!!!
That was the icing on top of our great morning. So we headed in for a lunch party! 

~~~~~ Party Time ~~~~~

Daddy and Mommy with the birthday girl.

Sweet reactions to her generous gifts....
"Dig-dig" legos from Aunt RyRy.

Lady from Daddy. 

"Super powers headbands" from Uncle Chaz in order to operate her laptop from Nonni and Boo. Ha! 

"Happy" #2 

Posing with our respective mer-people...

Probably the funniest line from the party came from Boo: "Why is there a devil on my cupcake?"

Uncle Chaz and Aunt RyRy

I did not capture all of the decor, but here is some...

Sweet Scarlett Jean -- If you read this years from now, I want you to know how much we enjoyed celebrating you today. The past 2 years have been filled with joy because of YOU. We thank God for giving us such a precious little girl. We hope you always know just how loved you are. 

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  1. So sweet - love the theme and decor. I cracked up over the "devil" comment. Hee hee! Sounds like a great day!

  2. Awww....I'm so sad that I missed her birthday again - but what a fun birthday! Can't wait to celebrate on Saturday!