Tuesday, March 26, 2013

25 weeks

This "photo shoot" came at the end of a long day of running errands all over town. I put Scarlett in the bath-tub and said, "quick, Mitch take my picture!" Anyway, although I may appear a little haggard, I am feeling good! 

Pregnancy Highlights...
How Far Along: 25 Weeks
Size of baby: Baby is the size of a cauliflower. I have been meaning to note that Ivy measured big at our 20 week anatomy scan. This comes at no surprise to Mitch and I since Miss Scarlett weighed 10 lbs 2 oz at birth (!!!) So grow, Ivy, grow! We love big babies :) 
Maternity Clothes: Yes
Gender: Girl!  Ivy Glenn Owen 
Movement: Lots ;) 
Sleep: Uh oh... the insomnia begins... 
What I miss: Being able to lift anything or bend over easily. 
Cravings: Blueberry muffins, chocolate, smoothies, yogurt 
Symptoms: Back pain, but nothing to complain about... pregnancy pains are SO worth it! 
Best Moment this week: I am really thankful for a great conversation I had with my doctor at my 24 week appointment (a week late) today. I have started to get super nervous about my repeat c-section with Ivy and my doctor was so reassuring. Scarlett's delivery was not ideal in that I had a lot of complications after my c-section with her including an additional surgery just 16 hours after her birth (Speaking of that, I really need to write down SJ's birth story at length... I think I wrote something very short here while still in the hospital). Anyhow, my doctor was super understanding having been through a c-section herself and even told me that she is going to be on vacation the week of my due date but that she is going to come in to the hospital specifically to do my surgery/delivery. I could not get over how sweet that is of her! 
Looking forward to: Our upcoming family trip to the beach with my parents, brother and sister-in-law... We will get to celebrate Easter together and Scarlett's 3rd birthday!! Yay!!!

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