Saturday, March 9, 2013

Disney World -- Day 3

You can start to see this sweet girl was getting a little tired by day 3...

This is my last post about our wonderful 1st (as a family) Disney trip. 

It was on the bus for a sunny day back at the Magic Kingdom. Apparently the entire state of Louisiana was there because the schools were out for Mardi Gras that week. It was crowded! But oh well! There was enough magic for us all :)

As soon as we got inside the gates there was Marie from the Aristocats! Another one of our favs! Scarlett even has a little Marie of her own that her Daddy got her while we were there. 

Princess balloon in hand! 

The boys went and played golf early in the morning so Daddy met up with us at lunch. First stop, the MadHatter's Tea Cups!!! So. much. fun. 

Spinning and spinning....

And spinning... !!!

The rest of the day was kind of a blur... we went back to the hotel for Scarlett to nap and then rode the bus back for dinner at Tony's Town Square on Main Street USA (it was literally the best Italian food I have ever had!! Super yummy bread with olive oil too.) While we were finishing up dinner, the electrical parade came through so Boo, Mitch and Scarlett ran out to catch the sites! The Electrical Parade was a BIG hit!!!! We watched it twice :)  SJ LOVED it!! We watched it at 7:00 and then we had to see it again so, while we were waiting for it to come back again at 9:00 we rode a bunch of rides and had ball. 

Waving and waving... 


Scarlett loved her evil stepsisters... she kept laughing at them. 

Cinderella's Castle lit up pink with hearts for Valentine's Day...

Bye-bye Disney!! Thanks for all the wonderful memories. Until next time... 
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  1. Love her little expression pics on the tea cups: sheer joy! I love her little dress too - so super cute and yours too btw! =) Looks like so much fun, I can't wait to experience Disney with my kiddos one day.

  2. Don't know who's smile is more precious...SJ's or Boo's watching the parade!