Thursday, March 7, 2013

Disney World -- Day 2

We spent day 2 in Epcot... 

Our first stop of the day was to see Daisy Duck herself! 

Just a little photo-op with Nonni. Scarlett, bless her heart, had fallen down the night before and skinned her knees so she was a little leery of walking so we needed a little time-out. 

Boo and Scarlett outside the ride we went on at least twice... The Seas with Nemo.

Sweet, sweet love while we were waiting to board our sea shell! 

This is right before a Disney cast member yelled "No flash photography!!!" Oops. 

The rest of our day consisted of... A ride through Imagination with Figment (I seriously LOVE Figment)...

A purchase in one of the gift shops...

And a stroll through the World Showcase. Oh, I love the World SHOWCASE! (does that mean I am getting old?!) 

My mom had in mind that she wanted to get Scarlett some little shoes in China because way back when my older sister first came to Disney with my mom and dad and my mom's parents, my precious NaeNae (my mama's mama) bought Ryan some little red, silk shoes that she loved. Well, shoes we did not find but Scarlett fell in LOVE with this navy silk dress.... I took one look at the price tag and gasped. This little thing was $70...

Luckily, Nonni quickly found the 4T rack and this darling linen (rather than silk!) dress was $32. Good save mama! And it is absolutely darling on her. 
There was no way I was getting that thing off of Miss Scarlett, so we just sat her up on the counter to pay. 

No explanation needed?!

It just so happened to be the Chinese New Year the day we were there. That was neat and we go to meet Mulan! One of Scarlett's very favorites! 

How sweet is this little baby that my Dad asked if we could take a picture with? Ha! 

We ended our day with dinner at the Coral Reef while gazing at the fishies. Scarlett and Boo shared a strawberry slushy :)

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  1. I think you and Daisy have the same eyelashes ;)
    Love the picture of Nonni, Boo, and SJ
    I think this is Figment's 30th birthday - think I read that somewhere.
    I want to squeeze that little baby!

  2. Ha!!! I love the eyelash comment.
    And, Happy Birthday FIGMENT. I love that little purple guy.