Friday, March 15, 2013

It's Friday...

Let's do a little jig!!! 

I took this video in the car while Scarlett and I were eating lunch in the parking lot after a big "haul" at the Commissary. Can I just say, it is expensive to feed a family of 3?!? I guess it is the price we pay for trying to eat somewhat healthy... I am not complaining because the Lord provides (generously, amen!) I just am in shock every time I get to the checkout lane and the cashier says my total! 

Hoping you have something you are looking forward to this weekend! Oh, and Happy St. Patrick's Day...Erin go Braugh ;) 
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  1. I love her little "dance face". My girls both have a face they make when they dance and oh how it tickles me. Oh...the commisary - we used to always go with my Mom when we were litle and she'd always have quite the "haul" too (as in...she took me and sister along so we could push the 2 carts!) I'm with you - groceries are SOOOO expensive. I've just started getting REALLY into couponing to save $$ and although it's time consuming it is really helping and I'm still managing to shop the perimiter for the most part. Have you ever used - she's a lifesaver!