Saturday, February 11, 2012

Baking with love.

Scarlett and I fired up the oven earlier this week so we could do some "love" baking. I so enjoy doing little projects like this together. My mom always had us in the kitchen with her from a young age so I want to do the same with Scarlett. I think it teaches her to enjoy cooking and especially cooking together. Hey, even my brother Chaz loves to cook... and you know we ladies love that! (sorry girls, he's taken)

Iced, sugar cookies. Is there anything better? Well, milk chocolate maybe... but you know what I mean. 
I have to say my assistant does consistently have quite the healthy appetite so she often spends the majority of her time in the kitchen taste-testing :) 

Our labor of love pre-icing... 

The embellishment process... (is that spatula in her mouth!?) 

Taste-testing at its finest...

And voila... 

For those of you who are the recipients of our little sugary creations, don't worry about the amount of toddler spit you may consume... It is surely better for you than aspartame or caffeine! (just kidding, I was very careful with anything that accidentally got "licked.")

XOXOXOX -- from our kitchen to yours!!
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  1. DARLING!!!!! I love how she's tasting everything. I love to do that too! ha!