Wednesday, February 8, 2012

wy-wy and the cupcake.

Oh my, Aunt Wy-Wy (my sister, Ryan) outdid herself this time! She has been taking a sewing class and I am LOVING being the recipient of some of her most recent projects. It's like I have won a drawing and the prize is items custom sewn for me! 

First, she made this pillow that fits in just perfect on my couch...

And then there is this little ditty that is beyond words too cute, the cupcake skirt... 
Sewn exactly to Miss Scarlett Jean's measurements... 

I do have to tell y'all that I made the flower "bow"... it was just something we found online and I followed the tutorial. Simple but chic!

I always say this, but there is just NOTHING like a sister!!! I am crazy about mine and not just because she is a talented seamstress :) Oh how I hope SJ has a sister, someday! 
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