Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sleeping beauty.

Scarlett and I had a fun morning over at Kristin and Kingston's house. Some more of our little friends joined in on the fun today too! (way to go being super mommy Meredith and we missed you Stephanie!) Of course I did not even take a single picture, but trust me it was lively ;)

We have been blessed with sunshine the past 2 days and I am loving it... medicine for the soul. I feel like I sleep better at night after being outside during the day. You know what I mean? Well, speaking of sleeping, I had to share these pictures of my little sleeping beauty. She was so tuckered out on Sunday afternoon that we ended up having to wake her up from her nap, but I snapped these shots before the beauty was awoken from her slumber. 

There is nothing like a sleeping baby....

Hoping you are spending a little time on "the sunny side" today too! 
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