Thursday, February 23, 2012


Hello! After a wonderful weekend at my parents' home with 2 of my BFF's, I accidentally left my computer behind and have been totally out of touch for days! Thankfully my mama mailed it to me and it arrived yesterday safe, sound and ready to blog. 

So, our weekend was really fun.... spent with 2 girls that I am constantly thankful for. 
 Scarlett, KT, Beth, me and McKinley

The highlight of Scarlett's month for sure -- holding "baby" (she calls her "Kinley" and talks about her a lot, it is so sweet!)
 They were so precious together! 
 I told Mitch I think we need another baby ;) ha! 

Thanks Momma and Daddy for opening your home up to us... we loved being together there! 

Okay... what have I been up to without my computer? Well, Mitch has been totally swamped this week. I mean it has been nuts. He was at school until 11:00 p.m. on Monday night and 2:00 a.m. on Tuesday night! No thank you! So, I have been passing the hours (in the evening) old fashioned style -- on my sewing machine ;) 
I just love being productive and having projects to accomplish AND I love dressing Scarlett in frilly, custom outfits (without the custom $)... and so the twain shall meet! I have been cutting patterns, reading instructions, pinning, cutting, threading, pressing, sewing, etc. all week. And so it is my pleasure to show y'all my creation.... voila!
I could not have picked a cuter model! I just need to add the ruffle around the bottom of the pants and then my project will be complete. By the way, I cannot take much credit for picking out the fabrics... my sister has an incredible eye for color and chose these for me. Thanks sissy! We are gearing up for a big sewing party together this weekend, cannot wait!

And here are my loves... They wanted to join me for a bit in my cozy sewing nook last night. They enjoyed learning a little from 'Sid the Science Kid' while I made some sewing progress.  
Poor Mitch, I looked over and he couldn't keep his eyes open even a minute longer....

And then there is Callie.  I think she enjoys sleeping to the hum of the sewing machine, so I always have a companion. 


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